My own Minecraft Server

So I finally broke down and purchased a server to play Minecraft on PC with my friends. I found a cheap server service through Server Miner. I choose their cheapest package which had bandwidth (2500 ram) for up to 4 players and it was only $2.62 per month. With Miner Server you can always upgrade how big the server is later. With a bigger server Server Miner has easy to add mods. Server was active right after purchase. No IP address all I type in is an actual address to play the world. I am very pleased with my server so far just hope in time I can get my friends online to play with me. I have only played the world for a few hours. But I’ll keep adding up screen shots from our progress through the game and our world. If you would like to play along with me comment below and I’ll send you the address.

2014-01-15_09.11.10 2014-01-15_09.11.16 2014-01-15_09.11.34

Here is a cautionary tale. Since I was new to owning a server I was not sure if only I have access to the server being the only one with the server address. Within hours of logging off the world someone random came in and dumped lava over everything I had build and started! Here is what the damage was.

2014-01-16_12.33.39From this unfortunate event I learned to shut my server down when I’m not on. I have never played on a server with Minecraft on PC so this is a new experience for me. And I will have to reset a new seed to the world and start new again. Also a good habit to do is to backup the world when logging off so if you get “trolled” by someone you can reload what could have been lost.



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