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That right I am here to update on how I like my Server Miner Minecraft server and what we have been building. In my last post I talked about purchasing my first server and how I got attacked by a random. Well I have don’t plenty of work since then, I changed the whitelist settings on so only people I approve can log into my world. I also uploaded a single player save I was working on into the server. My friends and I expanded the house I had built and designed some cool stuff, like a firework shooter. Since I started playing on a server I really learned the use of commands in Minecraft. Giving my fell players and I items we need to be efficient. But I have photos to show you of our world. Where we called home.

  • These photos are from the world that got lava invaded before I deleted it, here is the work I screenshot

2014-01-17_11.54.20 2014-01-17_12.44.24 2014-01-20_00.50.48

  • These Photos are from after I turned the whitelist on and loaded my own single player save.

These photos only show a small amount of what we did. I did not take a lot of screen shots before switching worlds again. But I will talk about the switch soon and why.

Like I said in the last post I started my server with minimal bandwidth. At first it was just 2 of us playing on the server but once we got a 3rd it started to lag. So I increased the bandwidth up ti 15 players and we have up to 5 players logging in now and very little lag. With Server Miner once you upgrade to that 15 person server you can choose to change the server type, such as Tekkit.

Switching to Tekkit

Now that I have strong bandwidth for the amount of players logging on we all decided I should change the type of server to Tekkit, now that I could. Inside Tekkit is Minecraft with mods built in. Mods like buildcraft, too many items, galactic craft, etc.. So we were excited to start this new world. None of my fellow players know anything about playing Tekkit so this has been a learning experience. But once we started playing I decided one day to build a giant fortress for us to live in, build and experiment in. I wanted to make sure we had more than enough space to build all kinds of cool mechanics to fit all that new stuff that is in Tekkit. Not only that I wanted my place to have self building walls. So I started spawning myself materials and went to work. I have built the majority of this house, its like my baby. But of course my friends are logging in to help improve it with their ideas. I have some screen shots of how our fortress is coming along. It is massive in scale but I am not nearly done with building it up. We haven’t even really filled this house in with rooms yet. So here is our fortress project.

Out of all the time I have played Minecraft I have mostly played alone. Only a small few times I played with others. I truly think games are better with friends, especially Minecraft. I am glad to have a server now. I am playing with my friends right here at home and who are across the world from me. Now that we are playing Tekkit I am excited to get settled in our big fortress and take a trip to the moon! I will be sure to keep the screen shots coming and the updates detailed. I will also look to add some literature about Tekkit and how to get started. Once I learn more I will post more. For now I found this video about starting in Tekkit. Thanks for reading this Average Retro Gamer post, come back again to read new posts. Play some Tekkit, until next time, game on.

Please leave a comment below, ask us a question or comment about our builds, suggest what we should do. And remember to choose Server Miner for your Minecraft server. Thanks


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