World of Tanks

I am sure you have seen the commercials for this game just as I have on TV. Free to play tank game for the PC is now on the Xbox 360. Again the game is free for Xbox 360. The download is about 70mb and you will need a little extra space for the updates of maps and tanks onto your hard drive. I was excited to see this game now on xbox. I always say the commercials for it and thought of trying it out. I more of a gamer that likes to play with a controller than a mouse and keyboard for some games. So I like World of Tanks is now on Xbox 360.

Once the download and update finished, which took 30+min I was excited and ready to play. After playing about an hour and watching a few of the training videos I really started to live longer in each match. The controls took a little getting used to, but are simple and effective. This game is one that you can pay to win but for a gamer like me I can do with the what they give you for free.

First Impressions

Going into my first battle I didn’t know what to expect. I picked the German light tank and charged into battle. Quickly getting eliminated. At first I was thrown off but dying and have to go back to the garage. But World of Tanks was cleaver. With lots of tanks from the early 1900’s and on to earn. There are many different kinds of tanks within the game to play: light armor, medium armor, heavy tank, artillery, and tank destroyers. So naturally I was at awe about all that was in the game. Customize your tank camo, engine, weapons, and more.


Pros and cons of this awesome xbox port over. I hope to even see this on both of the new gen consoles. While people can pay to win in this game those who are the free players can still contend with those who pay. Those who pay do get perks like new tanks, more garage slots, more experience to spend.


  • Lots of tanks
  • Lots of customization
  • Can play with friends online
  • Pay money for perks
  • It’s freaking tanks, of course its fun!


  • First time start up takes a long time to update
  • Pay to win structure
  • No internet, no play


~ by rjslick88 on February 17, 2014.

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