Who said Toy Soldiers aren’t cool

Toy Soldiers Cold War is an awesome tower defense style game. It was free to xbox live gold members back in December but is only about $15 to purchase. If you didn’t get it while it was free, the $15 price tag is worth it. I will explain just some of all this game has to offer and I will provide a review at the end.


This tower defense title is not like any other I have played. The levels are set as these cool toy model battle grounds. Your goal is to protect your “toy box” from the enemy. Don’t let them walk right in. You will have an array of weapons to purchase, upgrade and use against the enemy. Your weapons include machine guns, mortars, anti-aircraft and more. So hop in a gun to shoot the enemy yourself wave after wave or use one of the air crafts. There are jets and helicopters at your despoil, of course at a cost. So rack up the kills to get more $$ to get your better weapons.

Toy-Soldiers-Cold-War-3 Toy-Soldiers-Cold-War-chopper toy-soldiers-cold-war-screen toysoldiersCWThis game has a really fun single player if you like to test your skills alone, or if you are not connected to the internet. But if you want to play with/challenge your skills with friends Toy Solider Cold War makes it easy. Co-op and competetive game modes are available. And test your skills in the mini games and compare your scores against your xbox live friends.

Final Thoughts

This game is awesome, I can’t say anything bad about it. IGN even gave it a 8.5 out of 10. I personally give this title a must play. Even if you only play the free demo I am sure you will be willing to pay the $15 price to continue the fun. So download it today and check it out, I promise you will enjoy. Until next post, game on…


~ by rjslick88 on February 20, 2014.

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