My Minecraft Server AOTBT update

I know awhile back I posted about my minecraft server that I started. Well about 3 months ago I switched the server over to the Attack of The B-Team modpack. This modpack needs no review because all you have to do is play it to really see how awesome it truly is. The theme of this modpack is mad scientist. You can morph, you can steal mob traits, you can clone yourself, you can go to space and much much more! I will leave it to you to do your research on whether to play it or not. All I will provide is the download link

Click here to download Technic Launch

Also you should check out this next link. It is a Facebook page I started for me and my players on my server.

Click here to like my Facebook page

Comment me through the page if you are interested in joining. Please like, comment on the page and check out all the photos of the stuff we have been building in the world. I know you will enjoy.

Check back on this blog for more attack of the b-team posts. Until next time game on…

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