An Amazing 2D Indie Game

Hey gamers today I am going to review an AWESOME game I purchased on sale through steam. That game is Terraria, if you have not heard of it I highly suggest looking it up. This multi-platform title has took gamers by storm creating a vast fan following. Terraria is on all platforms ( pc, Xbox 360, Ps3, iOS and Android)!

Terraria is a sandbox RPG adventure game. It has similarities to many games out right now but yet can still stand alone. It was created by Re-Logic games and masterminded by Andrew Spinks; who is a self taught game designer. Terraria is 2D which games today have turned away from until indie game developers started to get big. Terraria is action packed, you must dig, fight, build and explore. Check out this trailer and below I will begin my review:


Terraria logo

This game is not expensive. On steam it is only $9.99, I even got it on sale for 75% off ($2.49). I figured at that price its worth a try. So I started up this game with no expectation of what will transpire. So I created my first character and started a world. There was a learning curve at first but quickly was picking up the basics. The first night in the game was fairly nerve racking. I did die a few times before I realized I needed a safe house to hold up in at night. Once I got a house build, armor crafted, and torches made I thought I go exploring. Found a cave and explored more. That is what makes this game so much fun you are not bound to a single task, you do and go where you please. You are required to explore so you can find better gear, ore to craft better armor and tools.

2014-05-16_00003Once I got the basics down I thought I should add my friends into the mix. So my friend and I started up a new world, used the characters we started in single player and went to work. We both were still new to the game so our house was small and not pleasing on the eyes but it was safe and had all that we needed. We have explored a lot since that first night we played and have learned much about the game and how to survive. We referenced the Terraria wiki whenever we came across something we didnt know or were clueless on what something we crafted did. One thing we both agreed on was that Terrraria was a really fun game and a time killer. So what are the pros and cons


  • Awesome soundtrack
  • Simple mechanics and controls
  • 2D graphics are beautiful to look at
  • No limit on things to do in the game
  • Game is not expensive to purchase
  • Game requires very little processor power or space on a hard drive
  • Blends all the elements of building, mining, and exploring seamlessly
  • Tools have no durability
  • Lots of possibilities of  character customization


  • A slight learning curve
  • Can’t break down previously crafted materials to raw state
  • Can’t craft most of the cool items, you must find them or trade for them
  • limited world size (announced for Terraria 2)
  • Why didn’t I get this game sooner!

So there you have it. I would say I give this game a 4.8 out of 5. IGN rated this game  a 9 out of 10. I am very pleased with this game and please look forward to some videos that I will record and upload here on the blog. Leave your comments below and please click the follow button. Until next time game on…



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