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Today I want to discuss a keyboard and mouse I purchased to fulfill my PC gaming needs. I have purchased a number of games from the Valve client Steam in the past year and have also played a few MMORPG’s. I could never get used to playing with a normal keyboard and mouse with games like Guild Wars 2 or Knights of The Old Republic. Sure I had an Xbox 360 controller for the PC. I would have to setup controls with a program called Xpadder, but that was frustrating at times cause every game was different. I would often forget to change the settings before loading the game and it just took away from the experience. Now a lot of Steam games are compatible with a controller and I say more developers should add that in.

When I played Guild Wars 2 with a controller I had to load a number of programs to get it to work how I liked and my guild members would say I wasn’t helpful enough in battle. So I decided I needed to invest in a better gaming setup. What better way than to share my thoughts on my purchasess with my readers.

Review of the gear

Gaming Keyboard

I purchased the Steel Series Merc Stealth Keyboard (click the link to purchase).

KeyboardThis keyboard appealed to me because of the 34 programmable keys on the side of the keyboard, along with the normal QWERTY keyboard and numberpad. I purchased it used from amazon.com since the keyboard new is fairly pricey at $89.99 or $74.50 for prime members. I found it for only $38.99 used. I have been pleased with this keyboard since day one. Lets look at some of the features:

  • LED light up keys (blue, red, purple) with 3 stage dimmable
  • Z-engine software to program keys, included with 125+ pre-programmed keys
  • 2 USB 2.0 connections on the board
  • Audio and Headphone plugs as well
  • Rubberized Keys
  • Comfortable contoured design for prolonged gaming
  • Anti-ghosting capability, press 7 simultaneous key strokes

This keyboard only comes in black but the 3 LED colors make it colorful and bight for gaming even at night. Even my used keyboard has held up well. It isn’t wireless but is quick to respond when in intense gaming situations. The fully programmable keys are nice. The Z-engine software is easy to use and save multiple game settings. If you are looking to upgrade to a new gaming keyboard on a budget, I suggest you keep this Steel Series Merc Stealth on the list for consideration.

Gaming Mouse

There are many gaming mouses out there I must have looked at and read about many of them before committing to one. Again I purchased this product from Amazon.com. I am a gamer on a budget and that is why I choose to purchase a used keyboard. When it comes to purchasing a mouse I had to buy new. The wireless Logitech mouse I was using was small in my large hand so I needed to find a bigger mouse to use. My first choice was the Logitech G600, the one with 20 customizable buttons. When I saw this mouse in store it didn’t feel right in my hand. The mouse had was too large, had too many buttons. My friend owned the Logitech G600 mouse and does praise how much he likes it. But the G600 was not for me. So I searched on, still wanting a mouse with more than the normal left/right and mouse wheel buttons. I came across a few and finally narrowed on one choice.

Perixx mouse dockThe Perixx MX-3200 was my winning choice. I was unsure at first because this mouse had no reviews on amazon or anywhere. But I thought I should take the chance anyways. This mouse is awesome and has exceeded my expectations. I don’t know much about certain specifics of gaming mice. This Perixx mouse does have 2 lasers to choose from. The switch on the bottoms allows you to choose the main laser for a slower DPI (used for mouse speed) setting or the gaming laser for a higher DPI setting. The mouse has 4 programmable buttons on the side. On the top of the mouse are buttons to change the DPI speed on the fly and to light up the mouse. This mouse can be wired or wireless. It comes with USB cord, docking station, and software disk.  The mouse has two LED colors (blue and orange) which change with the laser setting, it also flashes purple at times. This mouse’s sleek metal gray design is what really drew me to this mouse. Also the price is cheap compared to other gaming mice. Normally $79.99 or $54.99 for prime member. So lets look at all the features of this mouse as listed on the products website.

  • Perixx mouse wired2-in-1 wired and wireless technology
  • Avago 5000dpi ADNS 9500 Laser sensor
  • Omron Micro switches (10 million clicks)
  • up to 50 meters operation range
  • Charging dock with Li-ion Battery
  • 10 buttons
  • Dual Laser and IR sensor
  • 90-5040dpi Resolution with dpi Switch
  • 150 dpis & 30G surface tracking
  • 5 independently programmable buttons
  • braided USB cable

This mouse has held up well to how much I have used it. My only complaint about this mouse is that when using the gaming laser does drain the battery life. I must always place the mouse on the charging dock when I’m not using it. But you can always use it as a wired mouse if battery life is an issue. I like that I can program the buttons on the side of the mouse. The provided software isn’t the best to use, it is simple to figure out. Though I have not really used the side buttons much because my keyboard has all the buttons I will need. Keep this mouse in mind when looking for a new gaming mouse.

Final thoughts

I went in to great detail about these products because I use them everyday for my all my computer uses. I hope that you enjoyed this post and will consider these products when searching for any of your new PC gaming gear needs. Until next time readers, game on.


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