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Hey gamers, today I am talking about an awesome, free, MMO shooter called Firefall. Made by Red 5 Studio this MMO Shooter is one game that will have you playing for hours. Firefall is an open beta, free to play game. Just see this trailer!firefall logo


Firefall has been around for a number of years. Created by Red 5 Studios which has a number of former Blizzard Entertainment developers on their staff. Firefall was announced back in 2010, so has been out for quite awhile now. The game had trouble taking off because of funding. Just last year (2013) the board of directors was voted off. I was told they were taking funding from the game for personal reasons. But now that Red 5 Studios is back on track the developers have focused back into making this game even better.

Firefall is set in the future, on a planet called New Eden. You play as a character (male or female) who fights for an organization called the accord. You will need to dawn one of many battleframes to fight throughout New Eden.

Battle Frames

There are 5 basic frames to choose from. You begin in training which will show you some of the basic controls and show you how to play in each battle frame. Click the header to see the firefall site or keep reading to see all the basic frames. There are advanced frames which have to be purchased with real world money or have to be earned through leveling your other frames.

Basic Battle Frames

  • Assault: This class has offense and defense. This class is a good all-in-one attacker. Armed with a plasma cannon which can make short work of enemies with a alternate shot of a shotgun blast. This classes 3 main abilities are, overcharge, afterburner, and crater. Overcharge increases your damage while active. Afterburner allows you to charge in or out of battle quickly. Crater is an AOE attack which can help you take out numbers of enemies at once. And the 4th ability is a powerful laser net wave which deals strong damage in front of you.
  • Dreadnaught: This class is called the equalizer. the Dreadnaught is like a mobile tank. Equipped with a big gatling gun you will surely take down your enemies quickly and efficiently. The alternate fire for the main gun is a shield for the basic class. The Dreadnaught 3 main abilities are repulsor blast, heavy armor, and explosive rounds. Repulsor blast will send enemies flying if they get to close. Heavy Armor will help keep the dreadnaught alive longer in battle by providing a shield for a short time. Explosive rounds explain themselves, load your gatling gun up with strong explosive rounds to mow down your fow. The 4th ability for the dreadnaught is a mortar launcher.
  • Recon: This class is good if you like to hang back an help your squad at a distance. This basic frame has mid-long range attacks. Equipped with a scoped assault rifle with an alternative regenerating plating with each kill shot. The abilities of this class are SIN beacon, decoy, and cryo bomb. SIN beacon will show you where enemies are in the immediate vicinity of the beacon, so launch it ahead where your shooting. Decoy will trick your enemies and allow you to slip away, the decoy will explode after a few seconds. Cryo bomb is a grenade that will freeze and slow attack enemies. the 4th ability is a artillery strike. Bring the rain at a distance with this class.
  • Biotech: This class is the healer. So help keep your squad alive and fighting with your bioneedler. The bioneedler has a alternative siphoning plating ability. This class is built to heal and survive long enough to the fight go on with these abilities,  healing wave, triage, and poison trail. Healing wave shoots out a wave that hurts enemies and heals allies. Triage allows you to heal fallen allies quicker than normal. Poison Trail will shoot out a cloud of poison behind you incurring foes allowing you to run for cover.
  • EngineerThis class is for those who want to stand ground and help your allies. The engineer is the support class of the battle frames equip with a sticky grenade launcher. The abilities of this class are supply station, heavy turret, and forward shield. Supply station allows you to drop a pad with health and ammo for your allies and you. Heavy turret when placed will lock on and hammer your foes with bullets. Forward shield is a deployable shield which can prove cover for your allies and you for a short time. The 4th ability for this class is the anti personal turret. Deploy this personal turret to hope in and support your allies with a mirage of fire.


New Eden is not a small place so how will you get around quickly to complete events and meet people?


There are many ways to get around New Eden. Since Firefall is a free to play game the developers don’t leave out those who play the game intending not to purchase anything. I will suggest that if you purchase in-game currency with real money you will get items to help you get around New Eden quicker. By purchasing in-game currency (Red beans) you will be supporting development of the game. What are the different types of travel in the game?

  • Transportation shuttles from city to city
  • Bikes a.k.a LGV
  • Glidepads
  • Sprinting/Jump jet

So if you don’t like running everywhere you can always take a shuttle ship between cities. Ride the shuttle all the way to a new city or just hop out and glide down to where ever you want at anytime. In the red bean store you can purchase a bike to drive/race across New Eden. Gliding across the land is one cool way to travel.


FirefallClient2013 bike starterBikes can be purchased out right from the red bean store for 175 beans. You can but a token to try your chance at winning one in a slot machine (found in the cities). Or for those who have time to play but no money to pay you can craft yourself a bike.

Glide Pads

FirefallClient gliderGlide Pads can be found throughout New Eden. You can find them at the edges of all the cities and on top of all the watch towers. You can also craft yourself a glide pad to use where ever you are. You can also purchase a glide pad that is re-usable but the recharge time for use is longer.

New Eden Events

Now that you can get around New Eden you will need to will need to learn about the events and game mechanics. Need some help getting started visit this website guide page for help: CLICK HERE. Events around New Eden will pop-up all around you. Hurry to the location, you will hear a voice that will tell you what to do. Complete the task to gain XP and resources. Other events include crashed thumpers and downed LGV’s. Watch towers around the world will be attacked a.k.a invasions. If you help stop the invasion you will get lots of XP. You may run into a melding tornado. Help down the tornado and enter the portal you will enter the Melding where you can pick up lots of resources. Don’t forget to party up with a squad and complete campaign missions for even more XP. Use your earned XP at a battle frame station to upgrade your battle frame. You will need plenty of resources to help upgrade your battle frame.

Getting Resources

Gathering resources is simple in Firefall. You can craft a thumper at a crafting station. Once you craft a thumper you will need to use a hammer to find the best spot to mine for resources. Find the hammer in your calldowns section, just hit the (~) key and use your scroll wheel. Call down your thumper and protect it from enemies until it is complete. Now that you have resources go back to the crafting station to refine the resources for use. Resources in Firefall are needed for upgrading your battleframe, crafting consumables or important battleframe components, or you can sell them on the in-game marketplace, AH. Now that we have covered the basics I will see you on the battle field.


I know this was a very detailed post. I enjoy bringing games to my readers that are fun to play. I hope you liked this post about Firefall. I suggest this free to play game to you with a two thumbs up rating. Firefall is still in open beta so there are still bugs with the game, help the developers fix what maybe wrong by submitting a ticket on there site. If you sign-up to play today you will get a chance to preview the advanced frames for a few hours. I also want to add PC gamers that don’t like using a keyboard and mouse all the time Firefall does have support for gamepads. CLICK HERE to visit the Firefall site and download today! Comment below if you liked the post, please follow the blog and view my other posts. Until next time game on…




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