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It has been awhile since my last mobile game app post. It’s time to do it again. In no particular order, the games below are ones I suggest you download and play today. All of these games are free or only cost $.99; they are all worth investing your time/money in. Leave your comments below, tell me what you think of these games or comment about your favorite apps.

Angry Birds



This series has grown so much in its time. There are many different versions to the angry bird series, rio, space, star wars and more. i highly suggest playing angry birds space. But for those Star Wars fans you must check out angry birds Star Wars 1 and 2. Both of  these games are cool fresh take from the original angry birds. These games just prove that the developer can still come up with new challenges for the player to experience and conquer. These games are available on both iOS and android devices. Angry birds may have to be purchased to play on iOS where as you find them free with adds on Android. Next game is a pocket version of a classic internet game many people should recognize.

Pocket Tanks

tanksThis is a great remake of an internet classic. Pocket tanks is a 1v1 tank battle game. Pick your ammo, set your angle and power, and gun your enemy down. Play against a computer, on the same device with a friend, or through the same wifi connection. You can buy the deluxe edition to have over 100 more types of bullets to gun your enemies down with. The deluxe edition is $4.99 or you can download it free. This game is available on both iOS and Android. The next game is will allow you to clan up with your friends and attack others around the world.


Clash of Clans

Clash-of-clansThis game is great. Team up with your friends to fight others across the world to see which clan is the best of them all. This game has taken the apples app store and google play store by storm. Many players all over the world are addicted. This free to play game has the player building an army and a base that is well fortified.




Extreme Bike Trip


This game is all about the biker. Ride your bike alone or against others world wide. The goal of this game is to keep your tow wheel landing on the ground and to get as far as possible. Don’t forget to complete the bike tasks in single player to get more currency to buy more bikes! Extreme bike trip is available for both iPhone and Android and you can play your friends cross devices. Its free!



Quiz Up

quizWant to test your knowledge of any topic against your friends? Quiz up you can do that, challenge your friends to a 7 question timed match. Each question you have 10 seconds to answer the faster you answer the more points you get. Quiz up has numerous categories to challenge your friends or random players world wide. Download this game for free on iPhone and Android



Giant Boulder of Death

boulderThis adult swim game is great! its free on android and iPhone store. Even though its a game made by adult swim its kid safe. Roll this giant boulder down hill rolling over everything in your path to get the highest score. Connect with friends to beat their scores.




Zombie smasher

zombieNeed a single player game on your phone? Like zombies and smashing things? Zombie Smasher is the game for you. challenge your finger tapping skills to horde off zombies of all kinds. This game will test your finger tapping reflexes. This game has many challenges to achieve. There is 7 different zombies to test your tapping skills. Download for free on iPhone and android.




Candy Crush

candycrushThis list would not be complete without Candy Crush. This game is popular and addicting. This game has got people trying for months just to get through one level. Made by King, candy crush is just one of many addicting games they have. Get on your iPhone or android device today to download. Its free, unless you buy items in-game.

Don’t forget to check out my older post about other mobile games to check out! There are a lot of games for smart phones these days, I hope this post helps you to choose a few games that you will keep coming back to.

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