Guild Wars 2 Adventures

Welcome to my Guild Wars 2 post

This post talks about what I like best about certain characters, professions, adventures, and more in Guild Wars 2. 

Profession reviews:


I have created a female norn thief. I have yet to get my thief to level 80. So far All the powers a thief possess are visually appealing and stealthy. Building a thief class that is mostly based with stealth is a good idea. Enemies will find it hard to target and hit you if you keep vanishing. If you build your traits with damage in mind then you will find the thief can be a quick striker and a great stealth threat. With trait abilities like leaving catrops behind when dodging and swiftness after you dodge you can leave enemies in your dust to attack again. Also the thief trap and thieves guild abilities can give you some much needed help when getting attacked by multiple enemies. The weapon skill sets are all great no matter when you like to play with. Duel pistols and short bow allow a little more range attacks. Where as a sword/dagger, duel daggers gives the player a more stealthy and fast hitting approach. The weapon load out I like to run with when doing PvE is Pistol/dagger and dagger/pistol. Mainly because of the stealth shadow step. The traps that the thief has can be great for defense in WvW. I honestly really encourage those who are interested in trying out the thief I encourage it. If you have any more specific questions about a thief build then please ask in the comment box below.


I created a tall Asura necro. That little asura has become one of my favorite characters to play as. I will say the storylines for the Asura are by far the best beginning story missions. But a Necromancer build can be very versatile. While the Necromancer is a casting class, it is also a class that can out live most others. This is a character I have hit level 80 with. I have built my traits set up to focus on the minions that a Necro can spawn. The most I have out the tougher I am to take down. Not to mention they also siphon health for me with every hit. My favorite weapon setup with a necro has to be staff and scepter/dagger. the staff abilities are target abilities but they can effect multiple enemies at once. This is great in WvW battles allowing me to get lots of XP for damaging 5+ enemies at once. A necro can also spawn wells which deal out a lot of damage and there is a trait that can allow you to cast wells. The death shroud ability that a Necromancer has is like another hard hitting bar of health. That is mostly why a Necro can live as long as they do. So if you want to bring the dead back to life as an ugly horror then a necro is your profession. Perfect fit character for the Halloween holiday. If you have any other specific questions about a Necromancer then leave a comment below.

Overall Thoughts

I liked Guild Wars 2 when it first came out. It have been out for a few years now and has been shadowed by many other new MMO’s that are simply better. I liked this game when I had friends that I knew to play with. The stories that they have, and still are, releasing from month to month are fun. These add-ons’ require players to  know a large number of people to venture and fight  with. I did not play Guild Wars 2 enough to meet with that many people to play with. Nor did I learn enough or play enough in the game to get the needed high level gear. From what I played of Guild Wars 2, which was over 90 hours overall, I enjoyed the game. It is not worth purchasing now because the community, while still online, is not what it was 2 years ago.

Guild Adventures:

Want to see some screen shots I have taken while adventuring with my guild… League of Slip and Grip

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