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In this post you will find many indie games that I personally own and have played. What is an indie game? An indie game is a video game that is developed by individuals or a small team (independent developer) without any support from a video game publisher. Many indie game developers rely on digital distribution (such as Steam) to help get funding to develop and complete their work. Each game you see in this post I recommend you check out and play for yourself.


BraidlogoThis game won “innovation in game design” during the 2006 independent games festival. Braid is a unique game where you play Tim, a protagonist who sets out on a quest to save his beloved princess from an evil monster. You will have to guide Tim and time to get through the challenging puzzles that are before you.

When I first tried this game I was impressed with the graphics and soundtrack. The controls even on PC with a gamepad are simple and smooth. This game is challenging and will test your thinking. It is on Steam for $9.99. You may get lucky and find it on humble bundle or on Steam for sale, which is how I got the game. If you are console player this game can also be found on Xbox marketplace and the Playstation network. Get this indie platformer and see for yourself.

Defy Gravity Extended

defygravityextendedThis game is one that will slip by you in the indie game crowd. This classic platformer puzzle game will have you intrigued. What makes this game so unique is its’ use of gravity in every level. This game is much like Portal, but stead of shooting and jumping through portals you use a gravity gun that shoots orbs to control gravity. This game will certainly surprise you at how fun it actually is. Don’t let the lack of graphics confuse you, as you see in the image to the left this game is highly rated.

Play this game on PC with a gamepad or keyboard and mouse. You can also find this title on Xbox Marketplace if you are a console gamer. For only $2.99 it is money well spent. You will have more fun with this game than spending more money on a movie ticket. You will often see this game VERY cheap on Steam. Check this Fish Factory games title today and see for yourself how manipulating gravity is more fun than you think.



This Early Access game is one game to invest in. Delver is a rogue-like dungeon crawler that looks and feels very much like the original Doom game. This first-person action game will have you crawling through spooky caverns in search for treasure and an evil spirit. It is being developed for PC, MAC, Linux, and android devices. Investing in this game now will help the developer and give you an all access pass to all future updates and it will give you the satisfaction in helping see a game come to life. Since this game is in beta I suggest you join the community that this game is stirring up online and help give the developer your feedback. Delver has it all, swords, magic, trolls, potions, and bats. The game is short, you can complete the game in 30 min but packed full of fun and exploration. And for only $7.99 it is worth the price.

Edge of Space

Edge-of-space-logoAnother Early access game for our list of indie titles. This game is being created by the same team that made Terraria. Edge of Space is an action adventure sandbox sci-fi game. You play an operative of Arkco, you are tasked with searching a new planet and fighting off strange enemies like bionically enhanced flying sharks. Since this game is in early access there will be a lot of updates and character/world wipes. But with each update the developers are only making the game better. Edge of Space is all about gathering every kind of resource, finding research and crafting new tools weapons and armor. The game is $12.99 and the developers have created other price packages for gamers to choose and invest in. Edge of Space is constantly being updated so at any price it will not be a waste.


GunpointGunpoint is a stealth puzzle title. Get-in and get-out with no one knowing you were ever there. This game will not only have you entertained with gameplay but with comedy as well. The price is $9.99 which is about what most indie games cost. Gunpoint developers were clever by adding a level editor. The Steam community can create and upload their own level creations for others to play through  on the Steam Workshop. Check this title today and push all those guards out the window!

Hammer Watch

hammerwatch___iconThis game takes me back to my 8-bit NES days. Playing through Zelda and Gauntlet. Hammerwatch is developed by Crackshell. This game is $9.99 and worth the price. The graphics, while similar to 8-bit, are colorful and pleasing to look at. If you don’t like playing with a keyboard and mouse Hammer Watch is gamepad compatible. You and your friends can join together and play through a castle dungeon, fighting your way through puzzles and hordes of enemies to reach the top. Play as 1 of 6 classes. Go on the Steam Workshop to download or upload player created worlds. Hammer Watch is one indie game that you should try and play with friends. Buy the 4-pack and give the codes out to your friends to play online or invite them over to play on your machine.

 Organ Trail: Directors cut

OTDCThis game really takes me back to my middle school days. Playing Organ Trail in computer class. This directors cut edition really brings back the spice of that old title. The developers Men Who Wear Many Hats did a great job porting this game into the zombie science fiction. Drive across the country through zombie infested lands in your beat up station wagon in hopes to make it to the west coast alive. Organ Trial: Directors Cut is available for PC, MAC, Linux, Android, and iOS. It only cost $4.99 to own, so get your copy today and see if you can make it through the zombie apocalypse.

 Pixel Piracy

pixel piracyAhoy there Matey! Purchase this Early Access game today for $9.99 (it’s on sale quite often) and begin your plunder as a pirate captain. This 2D pirate strategy game will have your searching for the last bottle of rum across and open world battle field. Your job is to build your ship, and control the captain to become the most feared man on the seas.

Ring Runner: Flight of the Sage

ring runnerThis game may not look like much from any gameplay trailers, but you will be wrong thinking that. Ring Runner maybe a top down sci-fi space shooter but it has much to offer. The single player campaign is full of story and hours of gameplay. You play a sage, feared across the galaxy because you posse powers no others have. Your ships are fully customizable and with over 1000’s of possibilities to combinations for lethal effectiveness. This game has full controller support and is only $9.99. You can easily put more than 10 hours into this game and hardly scratch the surface. You can play with or against your friends, it even has local co-op! So go on Steam and check out Ring Runner: Flight of the Sage today!

Steamworld Dig

SteamWorld_Dig_coverIn Steamworld Dig you play a robot called Rusty. He comes to claim his families mining town. You will have to dig your own path to find gems and mine shafts to unlock new abilities and money for newer and better tools. This single player platformer has full controller support and is only $9.99 on Steam. Steamworld Dig is one indie game You should not pass up. Check it out today and begin to dig with Rusty today.

The Swapper

the_swapper_iconThe Swapper is a sci-fi puzzle platformer. This game won many awards in 2011 and 2012 for being such an outstanding indie title. You play a space man stranded, all you have is a cloning device to help you through a desolate space station. The graphics in this game are stunning, the puzzles are challenging, and the soundtrack is phenomenal. This game has full controller support. Those who love platformer games will appreciate how stunning this game is. The Swapper is not a game to pass up on the Steam marketplace. Download this award winning game today, it is only $14.99.


Closing Statement

So now you have seen an number of Indie games I have in my library. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have an indie game that you love that was not featured in this post comment below. We love to hear our readers feedback here at Average Retro Gamer. Until our next post… Game on!


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