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During the Steam Summer sale there was an indie game I have been wanting. Normal price $14.99, on sale for a brief time, $10.04. That is one reason why I love PC gaming and Steam Summer sale. Starbound is the game I am talking about, I have been hooked since I installed it. If you have not been on steam or found this game you should check it out.

Starbound is a Space theme, Sand box, Exploration, building game. Made by two of the same creators of Terraria. Starbound is a lot like Terraria but in Space. There are different races to choose from and many planets/solar systems to explore. Starbound starts off with your character spawning on a damaged ship. Each ship is different based on your race. You will even have a pet on-board which is different based on race. Your mission is to get your ship running to explore the galaxy. This game is precedually generated. Which means someone can post online cordinates of a planet and you can go there in your game. If you are running the same OS you will see the same places and items they find. Visit Reddit to see all the cordinates people post (). Starbound has missions to complete and many different worlds with surprises and dungeons to explore.

Though at the start of the game there is a bit of “grinding” to get your character tough enough to move onto more difficult planet environments. I do like how they designed this in the game. I can see why you would want to have the right Tech for certain planets. There are a few different typs of stars in the game:

  • Gentle
  • Eccentric
  • Radioactive
  • Frozen
  • Fiery

It is a rewarding feeling to go level up through the missions. Mining what you need to do all that is repeatative. Starbound mining is just like Terraria. You never know what you will run into underground. My biggest complaint about the missions that are in the game right now are they can be difficult. Your character can easily die if you are not able to heal constantly when under attack. There is no checkpoint in the missions. While the small boss fights if you die, you have to start all over. While other missions can be long and challenging. Though through repeatition of creating characters the missions get easier.

Starbound is still in early access on their Website and on Steam. I do look forward to more updates as the game is being developed. I would like to see the completion of the game. Since Terraria recently updated with LOTS more content, I hope that they developers will be able to do the same for starbound. While there are independent gamers that have written mods for the game. There are all kinds of mods to try out. Some that change the ship you fly, add races to play as, missons and dungeon add ons, Etc.


This game does support multiplayer. There are 2 options for playing with friends. You can port forward and use Hamachi to host a local game play with friends. This works well for the game since you ship is saves with the character accross “worlds”. Or you can play to get a hosted server. Purchasing a hosted server is the easiest and at around $4 a month you can’t complain.

I currently am hosting a Starbound server. I am running a modded server. We play with the Mega Man X mod. Which adds lots of new tech, bosses, gear, and weapons to the game. I also set my server up for player to have access to simple commands. commands like /warp which has come in handy when mining.

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