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Hey followers. First off I want to say thank you. To all that read my post and those who continuously view the site.

My life has been busy. I work a 8-5 M-F IT corporate job. So gaming time has been limited. But today I wanted to write another post. Show you of what my gaming has been like since I work a regular 40 hr M-F job.

My Attack of the B-Team server still is going. Though I will be shutting it down soon. The world and modpack has become too much to fix on a weekly basis. We have tried to add some players that expressed interest to join through our Facebook page. One I think may have corrupted the world when he joined. Houses were removed by chunk re-population. I was able to save most of it with a recent backup. IF YOU RUN A SERVER OF ANY GAME, BACKUP OFTEN! MY TIP TO YOU. But one players home was still destroyed. So I and one of the former residence decided to rebuild. Visit our Facebook page and see all of our Screenshots in the phot albums.


I have also been playing some console games as well.


This game has been….. interesting. If you love South Park the show you will most certainly love this game. It is straight forward RPG game. You will play as a special little boy who is new to South Park and just wants to play along and make friends. You will fight against many familiar characters from the show and you will also fight alongside them. So far I have not completed the game but am very excited to see how the story will end. There is no telling what next laughable scene will be next in this game. I highly recommend this game! If you like RPG turn based battles and South Park humor, this game is for you.


This game reminds me very much of Mad Max. Which reboot movie “Fury Road” was released! Rage is a first person shooter/death race game. The setting is in a Post Apocolyptic world. You as an old world outcast. Your mission is to go from city to city and follow others peoples orders. The game is fun and has some memorable moments. I would recommend the game for a play through. There are interesting characters you will run into and creatures to kill. So pick up this game and Lock, Load, Shoot, and push the pedal to the metal.

Assassin Creed Rouge

At first I wanted to boycott this game. Only available on “last gen” consoles. Those who have Xbox One / PS4 and sold the old system, can’t get this game. I started to play some and it feels like a copy/paste from Black Flag. But the story is very different and the character you play falls in line with the story before Assassins Creed 3 events take place. So far I am pleased with it. It has more content in the game than I will care to play. The in-game story was well acted and protrayed. I was not pleased with the story outside the animus. Ubisoft has done well with this title. It is worth playing just for the story.

Over all I recommend all these Xbox 360/PS3 titles. Why get a new generation console when there are still plenty of games you can play with the “old” console. XboxOne will have backward compatibility soon so look forward to that.

Until the next post, Game on….


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