Guild Wars 2 is now Free-to-play


Thats right Areanet has made it official. Guild Wars 2 is now free to play. In promotion for thier new Expansion that comes out Oct. 23rd (Heart of Thorns) Areanet is making the game free to new players. You will be able to try out the original core game for free. CLICK HERE for more info.

Of course there are limitations, like in every free-to-play game. CLICK HERE to see the link for more details. For those gamers, like me, who have already played Guild Wars 2 and will most likely not get the expansion, this is a good opportunity to get back in the game and intruduce new friends to Guild Wars 2. This MMORPG is unlike any other I have played.

I am an average gamer. I have played Guild Wars 2 for about 200 hours, maybe more. Last time I was on the game most of the lower level areas on my server (Sorrows Furnace) were empty. Players were doing more higher level events or in WvW. What I liked most about Guild Wars 2 were the PvE events. I tried to join a Guild with some friends but I was always still using the LFG to get players to run with me so I didn’t die so often alone. The one thing that turns a lot of players away from this MMO is how the classes are built. Like most other MMOs you have what is called the Holy Trinity. A healer, DPS, and a tank. Guilld Wars 2 did something different. You can go into a group with whatever class and can successfully run through a dungeon with multiple players as the same class. Guild Wars 2 does not have a straight Healer class. Though it does offer options for players who like to Tank and do DPS damage. I explain what classes I like to play in a previous post. If you did not read my last Guild Wars 2 post CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE.


For the Guild Wars fans that are getting the Expansion the Beta test weekend is coming soon. So get your copy now. September 4-6th.

Guild Wars 2 had a lot of fun living story events that would be themed and would run for a month or so. I was able to get on and play through some. My favorite had to be Halloween fighting the Mad King in year 1. I distenctly remember logging on during Christmas time to get the candy cane weapon skin. But my favorite battle of all, which we never won, was the Tequatl Event. I am always happy to show off the wings I got from that event.

Guild Wars 2 will continue the Living story tradition. This will be in the new area that has been added for the expansion. There will also be a new RAID Boss. See the video trailer

Guild Wars 2 is a great game. An MMORPG that is different than most. You pay one time and have the game with all the living content and updates. Same goes with the expansion. As far as I know you can get just the expansion without having to purchase the Core game first (correct me in the comments if you know different). Join the fight today for FREE! See you in the game



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