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Hello again visitors. Thank you for stopping by. Today in this post will be ALL about Starbound. If you don’t know what Starbound is you are missing out. This game is packed full of fun, exploration, fighting, and building. I wanted to take a step out of the game to review it on the blog. I have been playing Starbound for about 300 hours now. Though the game is still in beta it still has a lot to offer. Starbound is very much like Terraria but in space. Some of the devs that worked on Terraria are making Starbound. Starbound has procedural generation. Which means that all the planets and stars you find are random, and infinite in possibilities. I recently talked about my Starbound Server, which I still have running. Starbound is a great game to play and is still having more added to it. Its fun with or without friends.

You start off in Starbound choosing 1 of 7 races. The only difference between the races at this point in the game is how the ship looks and upgrades. I personally like the Hylotl and Nova Kid. Once in game you will have to get the ship going. Beam down to the planet and complete the basic quests to move onto the outpost. Once at the outpost you get missions from the NPCs. Complete enough missions and a merchant will sell you a ship upgrade license. The bigger the ship the more you can hold, store and see in the universe. The goal in Starbound is to roam the universe, get the biggest ship, baddest weapons, craft best armor, and start your own colony.

With the most recent update to Starbound a lot was added and changed. Colonies are now more improved and the NPCs will give you quests. Devs added hoverbikes, more weapons, new planet type, and more. I would like to say this recent update has been the best one yet to the game. Click here to see a full list of updates to the game. Some of my favorite things from recent updates:

  • Micro dungeons
  • Tech progression/upgrade update
  • NPC colony quests
  • Hoverbikes
  • ALL the new weapons

Starbound has more to offer in coming updates, I personally can’t wait to see what they roll out.


Though Starbound is still in beta. Players out there are modding the game. Adding cools stuff to new races, weapons, farming and more. Like I mentioned in a previous post I did try the Megaman mod and was running it on my server. Since the newest update (Glad Giraffe) that mod does not work. Last night (at time of post) I added more mods to my server again. This time I am trying out new Races and a farming irrigation system mod. When it comes to modding the game you MUST be sure that the mod you are adding is able to work with the current installed version of the game. You will know the mod it broken or not compatible if you get errors when launching the game. Visit the Starbound Mod page: Click Here.

Final Thoughts

This game is not done being developed. I have not heard or read about a release date for the game anytime soon. When investing in an Early Access game on steam I would suggest to check its recent update history and community page. See if the game has active fans and devs. Starbound definitely has all of that and more. I would say to any friend that has played Terraria and liked it to get this game. And if you have the technical knowledge I would also suggest modding the game for even more content. Setup your own or purchase a server so you don’t always have to venture in the universe alone. Visit the Starbound reddits to find planets, post your screenshots and thoughts. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

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