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Hello gamers in this post you will get a look at Helldivers. Helldivers is a top down, co-op, twin stick shooter. The game is made by Arrowhead. It is available on Steam and Playstation. It was release in early 2015 on Playstation 3 and 4, then was ported to PC late 2015.

I picked up Helldivers during a steam sale. I was able to get the game and all DLC for under $30. Helldivers is typically $24.99. Some may say that normal price of the game is a little steep without DLC. My opinion is the game has enough content for the price you pay. I recommend getting the game on sale regardless.

Playing Helldivers makes me feel like I’m playing the Starship Troopers movie. You fight for Democracy on hostile infested planets. Players will originate from Super Earth. The democracy of Super Earth believe that all surrounding galaxies must be subdued by any means necessary. You will have to fight bugs, cyborgs, and Illuminates. Each mission you deploy on will have different objectives. The objectives consist of: capture area, blowup bug nest, activate SAM, escort civilians, assassinate key enemy target, Etc. Helldivers can be played solo or with friends, online or local. On PC local players are guests of your profile. On Playstation you will have to login with different user accounts, can still use Hosts DLC.

Downloadable Content (DLC)

Helldivers provides a plethora of DLC. The DLC provides new weapons, perks, call downs, cloths, and vehicles. Again if you can get this on sale DO SO. The DLC only makes the game have more options and tactical loadouts. Especially getting the DLC at the start of your game helps as well. I really like the Pilot Pack, the Mech suit you get to call down is very useful at extractions.

Helldivers is community driven. Each of the 3 races has a sector of space. As a community players must play in the available zones of space to push back the enemy to their homeworld. Once you push the enemy back to the homeworld and defeat them that race region is done until all other races have been defeated at their homeworlds. So if you like fighting bugs, when all the bugs have been killed you are forced to fight cyborgs or illuminates until the entire war has ended. While this is a good idea I can see why some players wouldn’t like this. Helldivers like all games has its ups and downs.Helldivers_art


  • easy 100+ hours of fun
  • Co-Op online and local
  • Lots of different equipment to mix and match
  • Procedurally generated planets, everyday is different
  • Graphics that are colorful and fit the game play style
  • Voice Chat


  • Friendly fire (though this provides extra difficulty with playing with others, not so bad in my opinion)
  • Price of game and all DLC (could be a little cheaper retail)
  • Missions become a little repetitive over time
  • Community driven event completion
  • Repetitive dialogue (“How ’bout a nice cup of liberty”)

PC vs Console Versions

While the game is cross integrated, meaning war expansion is shared between console and PC. There is no cross play. So your friends on PS4 can’t play with PC players. The PC version does have options on how to play. Choose to use Keyboard and mouse then your movement and aiming are different. Keyboard/mouse players get a cross-hair when aiming which requires the player to pay attention to where their mouse is pointed. This can give player more precision of shot. Also on Keyboard and mouse you have a set time to revive (hold E button), on controller you can mash the revive button (A) to get up faster. While some may think this makes the game easier, others just prefer a controller. Using a controller is more an ease of use. Helldivers is the same game on both systems. Since Helldivers was recently free for Playstation Plus members, I’m sure this game will have plenty of people online playing. So join the fight!

Overall Review

Helldivers is an indie game that is a MUST HAVE in your library. I like playing the game better with controller rather than mouse and keyboard. Either way you prefer to play I give this game 2 thumbs up. I see 80+ hours in my near future sucked into this game. Don’t forget the game only gets harder and more exciting with more players. Check out the screen shots, links, and videos of the game below. Until new time Game ON….


Helldivers official site

Steam page for Helldivers

Reddit unofficial guide to Helldivers


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