The Addiction is Real

Video Game addiction is real. The addiction comes in different forms either collecting games or playing one particular game for an expanse of time. Many people would normally associate addictions with drugs, alcohol and gambling. Webster simply defines addiction as: ” a strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble).”

Video game addiction has not really be categorized as a real addiction. Not all gamers south-park-1200x675are addicted. But we have all seen the stigmas of an old guy living his/her mothers basement playing an old MMORPG. But what makes video games addicting?

  • The High Score
  • Being a completionist
  • Role-Playing a fantasy character
  • Discovering a new universe, new game genre or players
  • Finding an online relationship partner

Addictions grow and can become out of control. But just like other addictions, there is help. If you visit you can read more. I would like to take a moment to talk about my own story with video games.

I have been playing video games since age 5. So roughly since 1993. My first system was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). My first game was the Mario/Duck hunt with the gun. The Christmas I got it I remember my Uncle and I playing through each level in 2 player. And booting up Duck Hunt with the gun and beating my dads score. Laughing every time the dog laughed at my dad missing a duck. I think that is just the start to my love of video games.

I have played PC games as a kid throughout the 90s. Typically playing alone on a PC. At least until the internet got bigger and better #DSL. I did have consoles when growing up. By far the N64 was my favorite console. Just all the memories I had playing with friends. So many great games were on the N64. Emulators have issues running some of the ROM games I loved. Lego Racer, StarWars PodRacer, Smash bros, Mario 64, and many more.

I thrive now for the collection hunt. Where can I find that game I played when I was 8 and for how cheap. Or if it’s a digital game I’m salivating for, its at what low price can I get this for. I will look through forums, sites, and reddit posts so I can find an indie game I like for free or for pennies on the dollar ($$). I would say that my collection has grown rather large. I mainly focus on finding PC games now. PC games in the 90s were more advanced than those on the consoles. I had fun playing games on a PC as a kid and now that I’m an adult and working in IT I feel like PC gaming is a no brain’er.

See my PC game CD-ROM collection on imgur just click the link. leave a comment if you like.

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My steam library has grown to 200+ games. I have either purchased, gotten for free, gifted to me, or got in a random key purchase. I plan on going through all my steam games. Maybe post about a few I liked or didn’t like. So please look back to this page for more post. Check out my Steam inventory

Thank you reader for stopping and looking at my blog. Its readers like you that keep me posted on this blog.


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