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Here I will load posts and videos of video gaming how-to. If you have a problem getting past a level, achieving a challenge, or just want to know how to get better at your favorite game see what I have to offer for you.

If you are looking for Cod MW3 tips, see the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 category

Forza 3 How-To drift.

In this video I break down the turn by turn on how to drift in Forza 3. It does take a little practice, but I hope that this video can help those in need.

Splinter Cell Conviction Challenges

In the video below I play through how to get the advances close combat challenge. Which is you must go through a whole mission without shooting a single bullet. And you can not retry the level. You have to complete from start to finish without dieing. Here are my how-to tips:

  1. Choose a level you feel comfortable with playing though, I choose St. Petersburg
  2. To make it easier to complete the challenge choose the rookie difficulty, that away you can take more shot damage from the enemies
  3. For your weapons choose a NON SILENCED pistol for your primary and I suggest a silenced for your secondary, just in case you get in a bind and decide to scrap the challenge
  4. For your gadget I suggest sticky cameras and EMP grenades
  5. When choosing your uniform select all the gadget pouches
  6. Always approach your enemies from behind or above, if you are seen do not panic and shoot
  7. If you might be seen be sure you use your gadgets, portable EMP is best for quick getaways
  8. If you alert the enemies then wait in the shadows, out of site, for them to break out of formation
  9. Always try to take one out at a time without being seen
  10. Use explosive gadgets when necessary, remember if you haven’t been detected explosives will bring more enemies to kill
  11. Mark your enemies (But do NOT execute); it will help you see where they are and where they are moving to, in relation to your position
  12. Also use those sonar goggles to your advantage. Being able to see an enemy from the next room before stepping into the light will help you get the challenge done
  13. You can use dead bodies to your advantage, louring in other enemies to their death. As they look over their dead friend they will not call for back for just a few moments, giving you time to come in and make the one dead body into a pile of dead bodies

Check out the video to watch how I played through the level. I did speed up the video and audio.

Metroid Zero Mission Walkthrough

Game CoverNeed a walk through for Metroid Zero Mission? Well I used this website when I got stuck in the game and wasn’t sure how to get past a boss or where to find the most missile/bomb/energy upgrades. So I hope that this can help you too. Just click on desired link in the photo of Samus. Game on… Click here for link.

GTA IV Full Walktrhough

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto 4, if you haven’t played it yet you need to. Even the Expansions add to the endless fun in this game. The new GTA 5 is on its way here. So you might as well get ready by dipping in the past and play all of GTA IV. This edition of GTA will be a classic years from now. Liberty City is big in this game and the missions can be difficult. So if you choose NOT to cheat this game in order to get 100% complete then I have you covered. Here is a link for a walkthrough guide in game and even the expansion packs of GTA 4. Just click your desired option to pull up the guide. And enjoy the game as I did, and try not to throw your controller. Game on… Click Here for link.

Rockstar made sure to hide a few things throughout the city for players to find. Secrets like the “the heart of Liberty City”, adult references, special weapons and cars, and even Chuck Norris. Once you beat the game it is still not over. Check your in game email for more secrets and tasks. Please check out this video to watch how, where, and what to look for in your ventures around Liberty City.

Halo CE: Anniversary Achievement(s)

halo combat evolved anniversary logoThe “This side up” achievement challenge can be difficult if you don’t know the path to take or how to hand the warthog. In the original Halo the warthog was not the best at handling and would roll over and throw you out is you hit a jump the wrong way. The developers at 343 Industries added an achievement in for the last level of Halo; this side up, challenges the player to drive the whole length of your timed run to get off the Halo ring without getting thrown from your warthog. In this video I will show you how you can easily do just that. Just some things to keep in mind that the video explains:

  1. Stick to driving on the sides of the course when it is possible
  2. Go in tunnels, not up ramps
  3. Hit the jumps straight
  4. Pull back on the throttle when going off big jumps
  5. No need to rush you will have enough time

How Pedestrian achievement

This one is an easy 25 point achievement. Though walking will take up more time than you would think on this level. So while playing the ‘Halo’ mission in the campaign, do not get in the warthog when they drop one off for you. If you walk that entire mission then you will receive the “how pedestrian” achievement. Since this mission is meant to be played through with the warthog you will have bigger waves of enemies than you normally would on foot.  My helpful tip in achieving this is to have a sniper rifle and to keep your distance from the covenant. And if you already have the bandana skull (infinite ammo) then you should have no problem if its turned on.

Trouble finding the skulls? Click Here to see my Halo Skull post

Red Dead Undead Nightmare Apocalyptic horses

These horses will spawn randomly, and will pop up as a blue circle on the map as you ride past. So if you come across one of them be sure to drop what you are doing and catch it. It is worth doing so. Here is where you can search for each horse:

It should be noted that other than their general locations listed below, these horses are not necessarily at the precise locations and are typically encountered at random (similar to Random Encounters).

Pestilence is generally located in the West Elizabeth region. Reported sightings include:

  • In Tall Trees.
  • Near Nekoti Rock.
  • Between Manzanita Post and Aurora Basin.
  • Between Aurora Basin and Nekoti Rock.
  • The Great Plains southeast or southwest of Beecher’s Hope.

War is generally located in the New Austin region. Reported sightings include:

  • Between Benedict Point, Tumbleweed, and Gaptooth Breach.
  • Just outside of Ridgewood Farm.
  • Near Thieves’ Landing.
  • Near the Hanging Rock.
  • Near Mescalero.
  • Near Jorge’s Gap.
  • Near Fort Mercer

Famine is generally located in the Nuevo Paraiso region. Reported sightings include:

  • Between Chuparosa and Tesoro Azul.
  • Northwest of Torquemada.
  • Between Las Hermanas, Sepulcro, and Agave Viejo.
  • Around Manzanita Post.

Death can be found in 2 different ways:

  • Found in any of the general (New Austin, Mexico and West Elizabeth) and specific regions listed above, and will only appear while at Rank 4 of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse Challenge.
  • Or given to the player after completing the Undead Nightmare storyline.

Mass Effect 3 Tips and Achievements

Ever wanted to know how to” get laid” in Mass Effect 3 would be with different characters with each play through. Even try and sneak a peek at some of the times Shepard gets it on outside of the Normandy. Check out this link where G4’s The Feed breaks it down. “Get jiggy with it”, as Will Smith would say. Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide — Rated-Teen Beat — The Latest In Video Game Gossip.

If you are a serious Mass Effect fan then you will like this. Below is a photo that describes the choices I have made throughout my time playing through the Mass Effect series with this particular character. The choices I made with him did have an effect from one game to another. This photo will show you which choices I made will have an effect in Mass Effect 3 story. I hope this will help you make the right choices throughout your play through of the Mass Effect series to really see what makes a difference in the final battle.

Hope these tips help & remember game on…

We at The Average Retro Gamer are always try and bring you the best tips for your favorite games. Let us know what else you want to see.


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