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Warning the content on this page will show game ending footage. So if you do not want to see the end of any of the games listed  then leave this page now.

Welcome to the spoiler page where you can see the ending to a game before even playing it.

The Ending to Mass Effect 3

Since the beginning of the series fans were always wondering how Bioware was going to end Shepard’s story. And at the end you are given choices, each ending is a different cut scene. Watch the videos below to see it all. And with fans furry of the lame ending that BioWare left players will they added more footage to the end that explains more of what happens to Shepard’s friends after all is done. Watch this video for the new extended ending. See the many different endings below:

Original Endings with extra at the end

New Refusal Ending

Synthesis Extended Cut ending

Destroy Extended Cut ending

Control Extended Cut ending

Ending to Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

Back in October 2010 Rockstar games released a DLC for their Western story of John Marston. That DLC was Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare. This Expansion pack was only about $20 and was worth every penny. It added a different kind of ending to the game than the original Red Dead did. Though in the end of both Red Dead and Undead nightmare John Marston is dead. In Undead Nightmare expansion, John Marston’s world is inhabited by zombies. So it is only right to have John Marston raise up from the grave. Watch this video below to see how it all ends. See the video below:


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